I think much of the "sunscare" is over-hyped. We need some sun --some of us need more than others. I have a skin condition. Last year, purely out of vanity for a wedding I was going to be in, I decided to do some controlled tanning (in a tanning bed). At the time, I (TMI alert) had red, oozing sores along my hairline, and I was developing the same thing on two of my fingers. It was painful and very embarrassing. After about 2 weeks of tanning for 10 minutes every other day, it was all gone. ALL of it. Not only that, but my skin was glowing. It truly was. I stopped tanning after about a month, but made sure to get at least 10 minutes of sun most days, making sure a large portion of my skin was exposed.

The sores stayed gone until about mid-winter, when it all started coming back. I dealt with it for awhile, but it got so bad that I went back to the tanning salon. It's all gone again. I can only conclude that it has something to do with a lack of Vitamin D. Before anyone asks, yes I did try to keep my D levels up by eating Vitamin D rich foods and taking supplements. It never did a thing. I've been battling this condition for 8 years. If UV exposure is what makes it go away, then I obviously need the exposure. The key is to avoid burning, and I do avoid it.

I also don't use suncreen. I have a hard time with the idea that I should be so afraid of the sun that I'm willing to slather myself in chemicals and let the sun bake them into my skin. No thanks.

I do agree with RCW that not everyone needs moisturizers. I do because I have dry skin, but not everyone does.

My .02
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ITA with these sentiments. I'm much more afraid of the chemicals in most sunscreens (and am allergic to some of them) than I am of the sun. Since I've done some reading on it not sponsored by the manufacturers or the FDA, who I consider bought off on many topics, I believe that "everyone must wear sunscreen all the time" is a marketing scam to support the cosmetics industry. This is a pretty controversial subject and I usually say nothing when people bring up sunscreen, but since it already came up..

Some people think a main reason Vitamin D deficiency is so prevalent in the US is because people use so much sunscreen and avoid the sun.

I've rarely used sunscreen the past 10 years and don't look any more aged than other 39 year olds-- in fact people are often surprised that I'm older than 30. (This probably has to do with genetics more than anything else though.)
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