The correct amounts of sunblock advocated by dermatologists is truly staggering. One well-known female dermatologist says that one should apply enough sunblock to the entire body before heading out, such that one would leave a big grease stain on a plastic chair. One recently even recommended applying it like one would frosting to a cupcake! Still others say that for 2 people going to the beach for the afternoon, that that 4-oz. bottle should only last one for just the one afternoon. You can see where this is going with the money that one would be spending, as well as the sheer assault of all this goop on the skin - yikes! Not awfully long ago, it was put out there that a family could expect to spend $1000 on sunblock for the summer. Equals big bucks for the industry!
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Yeah, it's crazy, and mostly a marketing ploy to get us to spend more money on sunscreen. The sun damage we get walking to our cars is minimal.

I buy one bottle of sunscreen a year...for a family of 6...and we never use it up. I replace it each summer because I figure it's expired. We mostly just use common sense, seek shade, wear hats and other protective clothing...and stay the hell out of the sun at high noon. None of us ever lay out to bake on purpose. That just seems stupid.