I'm pretty fair skinned, blonde/blue eyes and I've used sunscreen about 5 times in my entire life.

I've lived at elevations over a mile high my entire life - that means more exposure to radiation from the sun.

I worked at ski-resorts and mountain resorts until I was in my early 30's.

You would think I have leather-skin at the least, or skin cancer at worst, but nope, my skin is in pretty good condition for a 55 year old whose never had any sort of 'procedure' of any kind.
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Wow...you're a cutie pie. Love your hair.

People do get leathery/mottled skin from not protecting themselves from the sun though. My dad, after 20 years of living in retirement in sunny Florida and refusing to wear hats or any other protection, now has melanoma on his face. His skin looks horrible in general, because he's just baked and baked and baked. He doesn't lay out to tan, but he fishes and boats and gardens all in the middle of the day. Well, he did before he got cancer.