Aren't you the same person that said your daughter had 4a hair? Maybe I have you mixed up with someone else but I thought you said she had 4 type hair. A lot of black people have that type hair so I don't see how your mixed daughter's hair could be so different. Anyway, yes, the comment is offensive and that's why personally I try not to read youtube comments. It just makes me mad. But your comment was also offensive.

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Originally Posted by Kilajo
Kilajo, yes i 'think' my daughter has type 4a curls going on what i have read and seen on the net. Again, i think my post has been misunderstood/misconstrude (maybe i worded it wrongly i'm not sure). From some of the comments i have read it makes out that 'white' women don't know how to care for their 'mixed' race children's hair and this one comment blatently said that we neglect our 'mixed' children, which definately is untrue. What i was trying to say is that everyone (no matter what race/ethnicity) have different types of hair and need to learn how to best care for it. All mothers need to learn how to care for their children's hair correctly (curly/straight/wavy), not just 'white' women. i guess that was my point and it has somehow been taken completely the wrong way.
Can you please explain to me what offended you in my post? i am a little confused athow this has ben misconstrude into something it was not meant to be.

as i said before, it was not meant to offend. i was fuming after reading several comments and was trying to state that it is all a learning process for everyone!