years ago alot of people were asking me if I wanted to straighten my hair. I was curious at one point and let a friend of my sister's blow dry it straight. It took hours, I thought it looked horrible. Two hours later, it barely looked like anything was done to it. Not a lot of people saw that particular hair style, so some continued to ask me if I ever wanted to straighten it. No one has said anything for a while now until I started at my current job and a coworker started saying that she wants to see my hair straight. I think she even gave up now. That same coworker looked at me like I'm nuts when I tried to explain to her why you should not brush curly hair when its dry. Another one actually wondered how I can style it in the morning if I dont brush it. (because you know, if you dont brush it in the morning its gross!!)

For years, I hated my curls, it just gets out of control and impossible to style. I'm just starting to like my hair, I'm learning how to deal with it, what to do and not to do. Next straight haired person who asks me to straighten my hair, will be asked to curl theirs