in my opinion a mother is a mother, black, white, purple, pink etc! being born black does not mean that you have all the knowledge on how to look after mixed kids hair, it is very different to "black" hair! everyone's hair in general is different, yes even white people all have different hair types!
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i think if maybe you read the whole paragraph you will see what i was saying. i was saying that ALL hair is different. The things i have read have said that i am a bad and neglectful mother because of the colour of my skin.

Chicago kinks, yes, all of those factors can be different in all hair types, hence why it is all a learning experience, not something your born with! but you would know that!

anyway, i am not going to keep repeating myself. as i have said numerous times, it was not meant to be offensive (i may have worded it incorrectly perhaps or not been specific enough for you). Again i will say, my point was that ALL hair is different and the colour of a mothers skin does not give them instant hair knowledge at birth! it takes research, practice, experimentation and patience.