I also think it's the same top. The difference is that the second model took a nap in hers (at least that what it looks like).

How are those linen beach pants working out for you? I keep coming back to them, but haven't pulled the trigger. I want to buy 3 pairs, but I don't need anymore pants.
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Hahahaha, right? Who styled that shoot and approved that photo?

I love my linen pants! I'd love them even more if I had a defined waist. Like with all pants, the fit is better when there is some tapering there.

There is a difference between those two sweaters. You can see it across the breast. The white band there is solid, irrespective of the white bra underneath in the first pic. That may or may not be due to photo manipulation. Again, regardless, the sweater is not of the quality I was expecting, but it'll do because I haven't found anything that is more representative of what I was looking for.

I'm wearing the sweater right now, and the sleeves barely reach my elbows without being scrunched up. And, I'm wearing the largest size because I wanted something slouchy and beachy.
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