hey peeps! i've been thinkin about this for a while now so i figured i'd post about it. so the question is now many of you have truly found your niche? i guess in a more detailed version i would like to know:

how many of you all are truly happy with your hair?

Also, how many have found the right styling products, what are they and how long has it been?(more than a month! hehe)

Lastly, how many of you have either stopped lookin or occasionally pick up a new one?

so to answer my own questions,

i would say that yes i'm truly happy with my hair. i wouldn't want anyone else's hair but my own because i feel that my curl type and style makes me who i am. i used to think i made a mistake when i cut off my relaxed hair but when i found the products that made my curls look great, i realized that my hair really does make me look great. i just feel so proud and when i look at pictures of myself from before i'm no longer saddened because i know that i'm now a different person and this is what fits me today. i'll throw up some old pics when i get a chance so you all can see the difference.

yes i've found the right products. Aveda USC, honey, coconut oil and FOTE gel. This has been a combo for me for about a year now. it was just the USC and FOTE at first then i added in the honey last summer and the coconut oil on thanksgiving day.

occasionally i'll pick up a new shampoo/condish based on how my hair is feeling. Also i'll occasionally grab a new styling creme just to see how it acts compared to my aveda. they usually always fail the test. So for now i think i'm done looking styling product wise.

I guess i've found my niche
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