So I just stopped at this coffee shop and had THE BEST cup of iced coffee in my life. ( I pretty much only drink coffee cold.)

And the barista said it's better there bc they use a totally different brewing process than say, Starbucks. (I don't only go to Starbucks, tho. I get iced coffee all the time from small coffee shops an it's never like this!)

In this "special process", they leave 5 lbs of coarse-ground coffee soaking in ice cold water for 24 hours...and something else I forget.

Do you know anything about this? If I bought a French press or something, could I make mine this way at home with just cold water and quality beans that I grind coarsely at...someplace?

I will continue to go back to this place but it's not somewhere I can go to every time I want coffee (which is at least once a day).

Any insight on this? I don't want to demand all the guy's trade secrets! LOL

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