well...I voted sometimes...

Im not happy with my hair at this time, im so much haiting it sad I know..

I only have one products which I love very much, I only like the way it leaves my hair, so fresh! Its Devacurl Lowpoo. This one stays!

Conditioner I use now is Devacurl One C. Not sure if I like it or not...havent seen any good results..

Stuff that is on their way home to ME are:

*Elucence Conditioner
*Suave Milk and Honey
*2 more boots (which i dont need anyways )
*Volumax styling gel
*Aquis Microfiber T.
*Devacurl AnGell.

Maby I will find something good about some of these products...

Im still chercing for Conditioner, styling products, DTproduct...
its so hard to find any good without cones/alcohol or other harsh stuff