I voted Hell Yeah.

hey peeps! i've been thinkin about this for a while now so i figured i'd post about it. so the question is now many of you have truly found your niche? i guess in a more detailed version i would like to know:

how many of you all are truly happy with your hair?
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I love my hair, very happy with it and wouldn't swap it for anyone else's.

Also, how many have found the right styling products, what are they and how long has it been?(more than a month! hehe)
For styling, I tend to like light formulations containing shea butter (6 years) and/or castor oil (3 years). These are typically homemade.

Lastly, how many of you have either stopped lookin or occasionally pick up a new one?
Not looking, but if I read about a new quality line, I might try it. Recent tryouts are Oyin Handmade and Asha lines. I have also been wanting to try the Aveda Brilliant S+C for years. I think it's way more fun to occasionally play with new products when you're all set with a great routine