We took pictures but they just didn't turn out very well - it was horribly windy Saturday, so my curls were whipped up Buckwheat style by the time we were done running errands after our cuts.

My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders. The hair around my face was just the right length (about to my chin when pulled straight) and curl up nicely with little help - bangs I was letting grow out. In the back though, I hardly had any layering at all (very old layers that grew out unevenly), and was getting more big chunky waves and some frizz - getting a good curl took a lot of work.

Since she liked the length of the grown out bangs and what they were doing, she gave me a slight trim in length, and then cut chunky layers UP to the length of the "bang". My hair is VERY heavy and I think a lot of length tends to pull the curl out but we'll see as it grows.

She used (and I bought) Wella System Professional Hypercurl. It's a cream curl enhancer with a heavier hold - she used the cream because my hair is always dry. I started reading the ingredients and then put it down; I don't think I want to know what's in there. But 2 pumps, applied through when my head is upright (so I make sure I get plenty in the back where I need it most) and my hair is still pretty damp.

The lowest layer of my hair (around the nape) is a different texture and doesn't want to curl - just wave a bit, so that gets diffused first - throw all the hair to one side & tilt my head, then the other side. Then upside down. Don't have to diffuse till it's all the way dry; just enough to start the curl.

And BAM lots of body & curl, much moreso than plopping and much more quickly. The product leaves a little crunchy when dry but I can easily uncrunch and still have great hold.

My daughter: almost waist length, very long layers. Same thing - just trimmed the length, and then cut in layers up to an inch or so below her chin. Used, and I bought, Wella System Professional Curl Enhancer. Same routine with the diffuser, and that kid had a very enviable head of thick, curly blonde hair.

I'm not going to diffuse though just for everyday hair as I don't want to fry. But hey, even everyday has to be a lot less damaging than blowing out, ironing the frizzies, and curling the ends!