I am transitioning from heat damaged hair from my flat iron. I had an unfortunate accident at work about a year and a half ago where a bunch of metal signs fell on me and I damaged the nerves in my right arm leaving me unable to use my right hand for about 2 months. As a result I couldn't hold a flat iron, hair dryer or anything else. It was kinda sucky especially when I had to have hubby do my hair for me(which is pretty much as scary as it sounds). During that time I realized how much I had missed my curly hair. When I got better I straightened my hair once more. The smell of burning hair and the lack of curls made me sad. That was the end of that for me. I put away the flat iron and dryer and started to research how to fix my hair. That led me here and a year and a half later I am a die hard curly. I always thought I had 3a/b hair until I started taking care of it and found out that the new growth I was growing was a strong 3c. Now I am so in love with my hair and in a few more months I'm gonna BC. I'm so excited! I think those metal signs were the universes way of knocking some sense into me, lol.
"I'm not high maintenance, my hair is."
3c mostly fine, high to normal porosity, medium density, normal elasticity

Co-Wash- VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea, TreSemme Naturals
LowPoo- GTTT
RO- GVP Conditioning Balm
LI- Giovanni Direct Leave In, GVP Conditioning Balm,
Stylers- KMFUM, Eco Styler Krystal, AOMMM, UFDCM,
Oils- Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Coconut
PT- IAGirl's Gelatin PT
DC- AS I Am Hydrating Mask