I'm a hairstylist with hair almost identical to your daughters! Im a 3c/4a. My daughter is a 4b/4c. I recently discovered a product that takes away a lot of the "poofyness" and moisturizes like a dream. it's the "curl enhancing smoothie" by Shea moisture. It's a heavy cream but it's perfect for what you're looking for. Try to shampoo only 1 or 2 times a week. Condition as much as you feel fit. I condition everyday for the moisture. But honestly this product will leave the hair so soft and moisturizes that you may not need to condition as often. Just section her hair and apply the product generously to each section. When it dries, it won't get "poofy". Or big. Seal it with an argan oil. To refresh it, use Shea moistures "curl milk". Hopefully this helps a bit.