I love my hair. I got bored at work about a month back and my coworker straightened it for me. The first time in about 15 month. It looked amazingly healthy and shiny, but I didn't like it straight. The next day I wore it curly again despite a lot of compliments.

Products: I love Ouidad Climate Control for summer, but it is not summer yet
So I switch pretty consistently between Biolage Gelee and Finesse Mousse.
I tried the Got 2Be spiked up and actually repurchased it, when I want a slightly less clumped and a little "wilder" look. ( More Curly) My BF likes that look. He thinks pouffy describes a good thing.
"blessed" with all kinds of curls,2b in the front, mostly 3a and 3b , 3c in the nape of the neck
( A mutt?)
currently using natures gate conditioner and herbal essences mousse and gel.
On the CG regime since Jan 2004

password: konstanze