Well, I think buying breadcrumbs (and croutons) is a huge rip-off and a complete scam because you're paying for bread that is stale, and there's absolutely no comparison in flavor and quality between homemade (store-bought breadcrumbs taste like sawdust).

Nuts and nut flours and whole grain flours have a lot of oils, which are prone to rancidity (so they should really be kept refrigerated or frozen) and even if they don't go rancid, they don't stay fresh that long.
But the real benefit to grinding whole grain flours is that I'm not going through a bag of oat flour (as an example) at a rapid pace. Just grinding oats lets me have as much as I need. And rolled oats are cheap while oat flour not so much.

The coffee grinder I have and the ones I've used at jobs don't have any levels. You just put your stuff in and press the lid or a button on the lid down and it grinds. You stop when it's ground to your liking. They're cheap.

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