Medications definitely can affect hair. In your case, you are lucky! Most of the time they make hair thin and fall out. I have bi-polar disorder II, and I've used 3 of the abovementioned medications in the past 10-15 years. People would see me and say, "What happened to your hair?" I started wearing very short hair, because it was thinned out and dry. Depakote made my hair fall out in clumps and lithium took all the body out of it.

The "cocktail" I use now apparently doesn't hurt my hair as much. I'm glad for you that your hair seems like it's doing well. Just take care of is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things...
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I'm glad your hair is now not rebelling against your meds. I know someone who has both bipolar II and borderline personality disorder. Sometimes I'm jealouse sometimes im glad to have paranoid personality and psychotic depression. Any axis two disorder is something your stuck with for life, but at least mine doesn't effect my sense of self.
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