Well, everyone has already said it (and I know this thread has been up for several months) but, I think you have beautiful hair! So full and thick!! I am jealous. I got to this thread somehow because I was looking for some help in putting my hair in twists. I'm white and my black friends have told me that my hair won't stick together at the ends to be able to do the twists properly. I know there MUST be some way to do it. I think the twists are so cool but rubber bands would probably kill the look.

It made me feel so bad for you that you have been made to feel bad about your hair. The "pro's" you have gone to should be ashamed at how they have treated you. Such unkind people.

I totally empathize with your instant tangling issues. My hair is fine, about a 2c-3a and waist length and as soon as I detangle it starts to re-tangle itself. I brush it with a wet hair brush before I get into the shower. After I wet it but before I apply the co-wash it is already tangled. Makes me want to SCREAM!! My hair though, is not at all dense as I have lost a good 2/3 of it due to some medication side-effects. I can just imagine how it is for you with your hair as thick as it is.

I know you said that your feelings about your hair have been a life-long thing but I truly hope you are able to stop letting others opinions make you feel ugly. Those people don't know what they are talking about and if they don't like your hair then they have a skewed sense of beauty.

I wish I could help you with some product recommendations but I am new to the CG experience and haven't tried out, or have knowledge of, many of the products. At the moment I am using As I Am co-wash and I really like it. I also use Curls Unleashed Shine and Define Mousse and it seems to give nice curl definition while cutting out much of the frizz. I know that some of the companies will send you free samples of their products so that might be a way of you finding what works for you without having to spend a small fortune. I think also that getting some of the bulk thinned out might be a help in controlling your hair without ( heaven forbid) losing any of the length.

Please post and let us know how your hair journey is moving along, I'd be really interested in finding out if you have found a solution to some of the hair issues you have talked about here. Take care!
Have begun the CG process as of May, 2012 and have already gotten my hair from a frizzy 2b-sometimes 2c to a 3a. YAY!!!!:
Tried Wen----made my hair frizzy, but SOFT! Am now using As I Am as a co-wash and Leave-in, and Curls Unleashed Shine and Define Mousse, as well as Plopping. I can't believe my curls are coming back!!!!