Love the title, Rou.

You know I'm a dreamer... lol. I dream every single night, and remember my dreams when I wake up. I have since I was little. I still remember having a reoccurring dream that Jack the Ripper was the Hamburgler. I've always enjoyed dreaming. I believe there can be something powerful in some dreams, and I find it funny how much the views of them have changed. They went from being viewed as prophetic to active dreamers being labeled with mental illness/forms of psychosis (2012). I always find it stranger when people say they don't dream. Everyone dreams an estimated 2 hours a night and each dream only lasts 5-10 minutes, but seem much longer. I looked that up after my ex told me something was seriously wrong with me because I dreamed every night. I said, "Um, no! You just can't remember ****.

I've not had any really interesting or bizarre dreams since my possible alien abduction Saturday night. Hehehe. In my lifetime, I've had more than I can count. I'm good at bizarre. Im sure I will have one soon, and when I do, I will keep this thread in mind.

*I should add the psychosis diagnosis is for really active dreamers. Well over the standard nightly dream time. There is a recent documentary on it that I really want to see. Sleep/dream studies intrigue me.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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