I voted hell yea, but I guess if I decide not to texturize, this will change. I love the hair I was blessed with - love the thickness, the darkness, the versatility, the ability to grow, the texture. But I do texturize, so maybe that makes me confused...

I'm a PJ and always wanting to try new products (anxiously awaiting my curly pudding) but I have had some good ones for some time now.

Pink Oil Light Moisturizer has to be an HG for me along with my olive and coconut oil.
Also, the Curls moisturizer.
Elucence conditioner.
KMS curl-up balm for special occasions.
Aveda Brilliant products.

Basically, I've found the right types of products. My hair likes moisturizers, certain oils, silicones, creams and balms, pomades and heavy conditioners.
Generally don't like gel (with a few exceptions), certain oils, and mousses.

I have a washing, drying and conditioning routine that works and I think my hair is healthy.
I wish I had a better routine for keeping my hair from tangling.
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