I stopped into Carter's to buy some cute clothes for my goddaughter today and even though they had a fantastic Memorial Day sale going on (like everything is 50-70% off and BOGO), I was the only person in the shop. Anyway, once I finally decided on my purchases I approached the check out counter.

The girl was around the same age as I am (early 20s) and was on her cell phone. When we made eye contact, she didn't put the phone down, she just moved the mic away from her mouth and said, "I'm going away next weekend and I'm on hold with the booking agent."

I said OK, and we both just stood there staring at each other. Then she started talking to whoever, and after a minute or two they put her on hold again.

She put the phone on speaker and finally put the damn thing down, didn't apologize for making me wait on her, and then she began telling me about all the problems she has been having planning her weekend. By this time, she finally started the transaction, but was clearly one of those people who can't talk and work at the same time.

After she began throwing around cuss words (yes, she most definitely dropped the F word more than once), I started giving her one word responses, oohs and awws, because I didn't have all day to be chit-chatting about her BS. It wasn't until I started making faces that it finally dawned on her that I wasn't into the conversation, and she threw 5 coupons in my bag and offered me someone else's points voucher that they had left behind on accident.

When I left, I just felt like wtf. I'm still deciding on whether I will report her or not.

Anyone have any recent horrible shopping experiences to share?

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