I'm hoping to get some advice as well. I've just started the CG method, so I CO wash with Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Conditioner. Then I rake my KCKT LI through my hair followed by some L.A. Hair Sports Gel. Then I scrunch my hair with a t-shirt and immediately diffuse with warm heat until my hair's completely dry because my fine hair doesn't do well air drying. I'm still trying to figure out about deep treatments and protein treatments.
Fine 2b hair, medium density, high porosity, normal elasticity
High dew points every season except winter, but high humidity year-round
Modified CG since 5/26/12
Low 'poo: Nature's Gates Herbal Shampoo
CO wash: V05 Kiwi Squeeze Clarifying Conditioner
PT: ION EC twice a week; IA Girl's Gelatin PT once a week
Styler: Just 4 Us Naturals Spring Back Curling Custard, HETT gel, and Ecostyler Krystal
Methods: diffusing for volume, SOTC
HG Products: Just 4 Us CC, GVP CB