If she can, she needs to keep a solid "base" at the bottom and only start layering an inch or two up from the bottom perimeter. I hate seeing stringy ends from a cut on curly hair because the layering started too soon.
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I am SO GLAD I read this! I have yet to get a hair cut since going CG (It's only been 8 days LOL) but I noticed that my waves look so full and nice but the ends just look stringy. They aren't, they're soft (after a DT) and not split or anything... and they aren't straight like heat damage, they follow the wave pattern just fine but they LOOK stringy.

I've talked to some people in my area and they recommended a good stylist (who also has many good review on here), but I've been holding off thinking that maybe since I'm only a week into this it's something that will sort itself out.

I'm still going to try and wait for my waves to adjust to their new life, but I'm so very happy to know this could be the problem and that it's fixable. I'll definitely write this down and bring it with me when it's time for my first CG friendly cut!

Thank you so, so much! (btw red, I was looking at pics from your salon that were linked into the "wavy hair community" page right before i read this post and knew it was yours lol)
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