I go to the store and buy it (along with tons of other things in my cart in hopes that by the time I go to check out, the person isn't giving me the side-eye lol!). I get mine from WalMart but my friend goes to the dollar store to get it; I'd imagine any place that has a "hygiene" section would carry it.
Btw, you don't have to buy on brand Monistat, you can get... I forgot what the off brand is called but it has 2% miconazole nitrate in it so the active ingredient is the same.
And for application, I put mine in every other day nowadays. But it doesn't matter too much how often.. The scalp fungus grows very fast so I wouldn't wait a week to apply it. I heard from some people on hair boards that got extreme growth that they put it on 3x/daily but ultimately, it's up to your convenience.
Here a couple of links that can help:



Googling "monistat for hair growth" can be beneficial as well since you get a plethora of information on it. Have fun!(:

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