My story is a long one! I found this forum when I did a google search for DevaChan products in Australia. Turns out there aren't any!

I started using their products early 2011, and was able to turn my mop of a hair into perfect ringlets without frizz. But at that time I was purchasing the products from eBay, with a delivery cost of over $60. I purchased large bottles and so they lasted a fair while. i ran out a few weeks ago.

Since running out, I have tried so many other products. I always end up with frizz no matter what I do. My curls have lost their lustre and now just look kind of oily and frizzy all at once.

I thought I was the only Aussie CurlyGirl until I found you lot!!! I purchased the CurlyGirl book from the book depository for 12 bucks, and have never looked back. Except for now when I have left my hair productless bcz nothing is workign out for me.

So really i'm rambling on for no reason! :-) Just glad I found this forum full of Aussie curly girls. Thanks to you lot I found the AVEYOU website, where its only $35 delivery, but I need to get about $180 together to make my first purchase.

Anyone ever purchased from AVEYOU before?