It's a pain to have to do that, but I do as well. (re: avoid certain cashiers)

People who talk on the phone during a transaction --- unless it's life or death ---- are rude, plain and simple. Shops or offices that ask people not to use their cellphones inside always make me happy.

As for the gloves, sure -- she's entitled to protect her hands. The choice of purple struck me as a bit odd, and added to her general weirdness.

I'd like to be able to afford to shop only at stores where I knew the staff was well compensated. Unfortunately, I can't. Also, I've had some doozies at Trader Joe's, where I'm guessing you're making the comparison between employee conditions. And I once had a seller-on-the-telephone situation at Nordstrom (though not as foul mouthed as Midgi's). So......ime, better paid staff doesn't always guarantee a good experience.

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