In regards to the OP, I certainly would report her for many of the reasons already stated.

I reported an employee of Guitar Center recently for his terrible demeanor and language towards customers/co-workers.

I was waiting in line to have the neck on my bass (guitar) adjusted. In front of me was a family with several young kids that was having a guitar restrung. The entire time he was loudly using foul language about the task he was doing and even yelled an expletive filled tirade across the room to another employee.

Our eyes caught each other's and I gave him my fiercest, "Don't eeeeeven think about addressing ME that way."

When it was my turn, he kept his mouth shut while making the necessary adjustments. But when he was done he handed my bass back and only said, "Here," and started to walked away. I asked, "Is there a fee?" He never broke stride, and merely said, "Nope".

So yeah, I reported him.

(And also learned to make neck adjustments myself so I don't need to deal with him.)