Hey ladies...I too have decided to partake on this natural journey to see where it leads me. I kind of have an idea of what to expect when it's natural because my 3 year old daughter is natural and I am the only person who does her hair. I believe that I have been gentle enough to it for it to have grown almost to her waist...but as for my own hair, I only have one memory of my hair in it's natural state. That is when I used to get a hard press. Even then though, didn't my hair have some sort of heat damage? I have no clue...I do remember my hair being curly after I washed it (but I didn't pay any attention to the curls because the next day I was getting my press), and then immediately proceeded to "comb out the knots" WITHOUT any type of conditioner/detangler! The only clues I have is that 1 inch new growth that seems to have a uniform pattern to it BUT I heard someone say something about scab hair and I got confused. I am so afraid that I won't like how my hair is...so I decided to go the route of trying to maintain both textures and trimming as needed. My hair is to my bra strap and I have grown it back after my last child thinned it out so bad!!! I would love to come on here and get more advice and some support...as well as giving that same advice and support...I have learned so much for my daughter's hair...I think it's time for me to jump on board and accept my natural hair