Okay, so for the past 3 years I was practically straightening my hair every day as well as frequently wearing clip in extensions. I loved having the appearance of long straight hair, it always made me feel a lot more confident & sexy than my curls ever did. (hairtype: shoulder length 3b) My hair was pretty split at the ends and would always break but I never thought it would get to the point that it's at now! About 8 months ago I started to notice that my hair was not just breaking off but it was falling out at the root, my hair was getting thinner and thinner and my scalp was starting to show. the amount of hair I have lost is traumatizing..I couldn't believe it.. I stopped wearing clip ins and using the flat iron almost imediately and even cut my hair to my chin like a curly bob. I used to have a super thick & bouncy head of curls and now it's so thin I can't do anything with it but put it up in a bun. It's a shame I didn't take advantage of my curls & I really wish I had not abused them with heat. I take biotin & use coconut oil on my scalp and just ordered a bunch of other essential oils online and also massage my scalp few times a day to stimulate hair growth. BUT, my main frustration is that in the past 8 months I have not done anything to my hair style wise & have been trying everything to keep my hair healthy but when I look close at the scalp I see little to no new hair growth! If hair is supposed to grow 1/2 an inch per month shouldn't I have at least a few good inches of new hair by now?? I'm worried that my hair is never going to be what it once was. Can anyone relate to this? I have never heard of anyone going bald from straigtening..has this happened before? I'm really just in need of some moral support and tips or advise..or if someone has information on where I could find a time machine that would be great too :/

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