Okay, I went a little overboard on the gel yesterday (hot and humid), so last night I did a low-poo with AOHR and a RO with AOHR. Then I put in a pea sized amount of DC One to de-tangle. Got it about 90% dry and did samples for my hair analysis (Live Curly Live Free - Hair Analysis). Then went to bed. This is my (mostly) naked hair this morning. It's soft and silky and frizzy, but the ends still look scraggly to me (particularly in the photo from the back).

Do you think this is something that will solve itself as my hair adjusts? Or do you think this might be a case of needing a stronger base? My hair was cut and layered when I was still wearing it straight, so maybe that's the problem?

Any suggestions are welcome. thanks!
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2a-2c (depending on the day)
Medium-fine texture, High density, Normal porosity, Normal elasticity, APL.

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