Thanks so much for your response. I went ahead and got the treatment last night. I have a ton of hair, so it took forever and cost an arm and a leg. However, when I left the salon it was about to rain and was totally muggy and gross, and my hair didn't seem to mind at all. I was advised to not wash it until tomorrow, and today it's a bit straight for my liking, but I expect it to wave up a bit when I wash it tomorrow.

I'm actually relieved to hear you say it made your hair less red. Mine is color treated and a bit too copper for my tastes, so perhaps this will make it a little ashier.

I'll post again in a couple of weeks to report if it's still something I recommend. I can't believe this stuff isn't more popular seeing as how it does what keratin does, but with zero health or environmental risks. Maybe it just needs a better marketing department.
Originally Posted by friedk
Please share your results with us ! I'd love to knoww !
Slightly layered
APL when stretched
About 1-2 inches under neck when wet

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