I have type 2A hair (I think ) and have purchased just about every curly product known to man! Nothing seems to work! I've tried the creams, lotions, potions, gels, mousse!

I am trying to get more curl from my hair. It's just wavy and is very fine and thin. The creams and lotions seem to make it greasy and when I diffuse it doesn't curl. The gels seem to work best but it has to be a heavy gel to hold my waves/curls "up!" Half way thru the day the wave just falls out. I'm getting so frustrated. I have tried, Jessicurl, Deva, AG, Batia and Aleeza, drugstore brands, you name it...I've used it.

I was reading about the Aveda Be Curly. Do you think that would be good for my hair? It has good reviews.

OK, ladies, anyone out there with 2A, hard to hold, baby fine hair please speak up! Thanks for all your help!
Very fine, 2a, need more curl.
Jill in Harrisburg PA