Curlsnswirls, thanks for posting the link to the thread on LHC. I have been reading through it - v long thread!! - and felt confident enough to try the method. I used 3 parts EVCO, 1 part sulphate free shampoo, 3 parts water.
It didn't lather which surprised me. It felt v soft and moisturised. Just out of habit, once out of the shower, I scrunched through a pea sized amount of CCCC. My hair is still drying and so far looks good. I will report back with results. I have v dry, frizz prone hair. If this can cure some of the frizz I will consider the experiment a success.
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You're welcome! I'm currently having great results with this method. I still use a little bit of conditioner as a rinse out, oil as a leave in and a very small amount of a CG styler. My hair ends up very shiny, soft, defined, and frizz free. I'm also co-washing in between using the oil/shampoo mix with success. Please do update with results.

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