Once I get done with my stash of other shampoos, I'm definitely going back to this one. It was the only shampoo that I tried that got rid of my dandruff and itchy scalp completely. I stopped using it because I was afraid it had sulfates, but now I've learn that my oily scalp prefers sulfates over anything else.

The smell is strong and herbal and the color is a very gross looking brown, but what it did for my dandruff is superb. My guess is the deep cleansing of the scalp is what helps the "growth". Although I didn't notice any extra growth because my hair was so short at the time, the clear scalp couldn't have hurt it. It also didn't dry out my hair, even tho it's a strong shampoo.

Overall, I would say buy the smaller 8oz. and see what happens. If you don't like it,you can always save it as a clarifying shampoo for when you might need one.
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