Hi. I've been a CG for about 2 years, but I'm pretty sure my hair could look better than it does. I think I'm mostly 3A (my under layers are more a 2B or C) half way down my back, my hair is SUPER frizzy/dry, medium/highly porous and my hair seriously drinks up as much conditioner as i put on it, except for the roots, which get greasy if i don't wash them at least every other day.

Im for the most part unemployed (only working 3hours a week at min wage) so i have a VERY small budget when it comes to hair products. :P

Do you have any suggestions for hair products that I could use? I live near lake Michigan, so it is really cold/dry in the winter, and hot/humid in the summer, plus we have a pool, (and the nearby lake) so any suggestions for protecting my hair from chlorine and lake water would also be appreciated.