I've had acne my entire adult life, but no one believes me because I control it so well.

I take fish oil for the hormonal cystic acne I get once a month or if my skin gets dehydrated, cures it 100% unless I stop taking it.

I also use the Dr. Kirby's skin clarity kit for regular black/whiteheads. It's similar to proactive, but works 10 times better. Friends and family I've referred to this product have said the same. I personally got no results from proactive.

Both work wonders and I've gotten tons of other people hooked on these two cures after seeing what it's done for my skin. If your acne is really out of control I also recommend adding differin to this regime it's strong, but doesn't have all of the side effects of retin-a.

I also eat tons of raw fruits and vegetables and drink green juices and smoothies which gives my skin a glow and improves the texture, but the above regime cleared it up before I changed my diet.

I've tried every prescription and over the counter acne med over the years and this regime is the only one that completely cleared it up. For some reason my acne was resistant to just about everything out there. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share I know how frustrating acne can be, it gave me pure hell for over a decade.


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