How often should curlies be getting haircuts? Ive always gone to the same stylist, and she cuts my hair wet, but I've always been pleased with the cuts. I asked her last time if there was a different way she could cut around my face, because it was the same length as my top layers(which I told her I wanted to grow out, prior to finding this site) and just hangs down in my face, which I hate, so I always have to pull it back. She told me she couldn't do anything about it, so I just accepted that. Is she right, there's no other way to cut around the face, just the same as the other layers? I want to go back to get my hair cut shorter and layered. So I'm going to tell her to take my BSL hair to right below my shoulders, and put long layers in(it's pretty thick, so no thinning and long layers is best, right? Should I bring up about the hair around my face, even though she said she couldn't before? Or is there some way I could cut that at home? I'm scared o trying to 'fix' a cut, but would prefer to be able to... Any advice?
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Most curlies take longer to achieve length so you can go longer beteen cuts. As long as your ends are fine and you like your shape, you can go as long as you want.
There should be no reason why you can't get the face frame you want. I'm not sure why she would say that, other than she didn't know how to go about it.
Talk to her some more to make sure you understand each other right
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