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My last 4 attempts at getting cuts and color (tried 2 different salons so far in my new city) were all pretty traumatic. I feel that 3 of these times, I expressed what I wanted done very clearly to the stylists, and they seemed to understand. However, both stylists were still unable to do what I asked, which was really pretty simple (take a 1/2 inch or less of my layers to remove scraggliness and split ends, and touch up my roots with color). Each time I left with frizzy sticky hair, color that was way darker than I asked for, and was embarrassed walking home and frustrated that I had to do my hair all over again.

I explained to them how I style (don't use a towel, hair must be very wet to apply products, must saturate hair with product as it's very dense), but they just couldn't do it. Last time I went in, I told her after she rinses the conditioner, don't touch my hair, I'm going to style myself. 3 stylists stared in awe as I raked in my product (brought my own) and scrunched, and customers stared too. I felt embarrassed for them but I knew I did the right thing.

I gave each of these stylists 2 tries and it's time to move on. So, I think communication is a big part of it, yes, but sometimes, we curlies are doing our part to describe clearly what we want and even how to do it and the stylist STILL can't do it. Some of them are just incompetent with curly hair, maybe because they have little experience with it. I wish that stylists would be honest and admit it if they are inexperienced. I don't know how to get better at recognizing when a stylist really doesn't get it during a consultation.

I will start asking stylists how many curly clients they have who wear their hair curly, thank you whoever suggested that. I thought it would be rude to question them like that, but because of this thread, I feel I can be more assertive.

Oh! And both stylists attempted to skip-curl my hair, but my hair doesn't need that if treated right, it curls nicely on its own, and both did it when my hair was way too dry for it to work. Is skip-curling what is being taught in beauty schools these days for curly hair? If so, these stylists need new lessons because it looks horrible when they do it.
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1) if your hair is taking color to dark, your probably high porosity. You may lose the color just as quickly. Ask them to lower the volume they use, deposit only.

2)I agree with alot of what your saying I'd just like to add that the stylist are not lying, they are taught that all hair should be cut the same. They really think they know how, and are probably just as surprised as you when it doesn't turn out as planned.

3) Beauty school and licenseing concerns its self with hygiene and dieasese. That is what the state is most concerned with. Stylist MUST be educated more, and not just hairshows ( big infomercials). This does mean higher prices for clients, stylist too.

Are there any deva stylists in your area? Find someone with great curly hair and ask her where she goes? Find a stylist with naturally curly hair herself and wears it that way?
We research the bejeebies out of ingreadiants and products, let's do the same with stylist!!!
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