Thanks for the responses!

I already have one perfect product combo, CJCCCL CJCQ and BSRHG. I've already learned that I need to rotate products. Formerly I used the HE gels but since they have been reformulated SMU doesn't work for me and with TT I need to use so much that it more expensive then using a boutique product.

Poemaxx: Do you use anything else with the AOMM? I can get that on the ground so it's very tempting to try.

Kathymac: It looks like you've tried nearly everything! Plus we have similar hair properties!! Do any of them have a med-hard hold? I just want to order one thing new off line at a time. What's your second favorite? I don't know if I want to buy a new leave in too lol. However I'm still on the hunt for an HG RO have you used the curlycue renew as a ro or just as a leave in?