I just had my hair cut yesterday by a good friend who is Aveda trained. She doesn't know much about curly hair, and I think she cuts it wrong, but my hair doesn't seem to be too concerned. I am a 2c/3a. I am CG.

She said that my hair overall was in good condition, but had a teensy bit of heat damage on my ends. She said it wasn't bad and I do go forever between cuts. She recommended using a heat protectant. Of course, everything she suggested has major cones in it. I don't dry my hair 100%. I do use a hair dryer and diffuser. I try to use low heat, but my hair just takes forever to dry so if I am in a hurry, I kick it up a notch. I do have a dryer with an ionizer.

Is there a CG friendly heat protectant OR is there another suggestion that you can give me?