Knowing your hair type really is irrelevant when it comes to hair care.. that's a big myth the idea that you NEED to know it to care for curly hair. Given, it's no harm in knowing it and it's certainly great to know when trying to figure out if a certain style will work for your hair type..such as a certain hair cut for example.

What you need to know are your hair properties to ensure you are giving your hair the best care.. for instance what texture and porosity your hair has.. definitely check out that Live Curly, Live Free's a WEALTH of good and accurate information on that website. It is absolutely possible to not know your hair properties and still take decent care of your hair...but to have the most optimal hair care regimen..knowing texture and porosity are incredibly beneficial.

Anyway..your curls look like the S version of 3C hair. You probably have some 3B curls as well considering a lot of people have combo hair instead of just one curl pattern and I see some curls to me in there that seem more 3B-ish than 3C. I haven't seen your entire head but I don't see any 4a at all in the pics you showed at all. Your curls are just to large to be type 4 hair in any sense. You are definitely a type 3. Type 2 and obviously 1 are a no go.

As a side note.. having hair that is an S pattern that appears "wavy" doesn't automatically put one in the type 2 category. A lot of 3C's don't have coils or cork screw curls. Their curls look like a very stretched out slinky. People mistakenly think 3C hair HAS to coil or cork screw..that's false.

But definitely check out Live Curly, Live Free. Fantastic website for curlies, kinkies, and wavies for that matter.

ETA.. oh I see you did check out that site. Awesome! Best Wishes on your hair care!
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Well some wavys can have curls at the ends just like hers also anyway she looks to be a 3c and maybe in some parts 3b and 2c even in others. 3c hair typically can coil up but really, she actually could be even a 4a in some places since they don't ALWAYS have to be small and tightly curled up. It clearly just depends on who is looking really since no one so far has given a straight answer...