@Mariah thanks for that. Thinking that wavy looking hair is type 2 is something I thought as well. I'm trying to learn as much about my hair as I possible can so that I can come up with a regemine that's tailor made for me.

@all these pictures below are of my hair dry about 95% dry the only thing that's a little tiny bit damp are my roots which aren't showing so it doesn't matter. As you can tell I don't have much body. I used a curl pudding so when I separate the curls it usually helps a little but is there abything else that I can do? I just don't have the courage to cut my hair at all even layers cus I almost WL stretched and id be mad if I hated my hair cut.

Also idk if you can tell from the picture or not but the front part of my hair BARELY curls at the end. I hardly ever flat iron my hair and the last time I did was almost a year ago. Can anyone suggest something to curl my front a bit or do I have to just cut it off?
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