I've had this problem with my ends for a while (almost 2 years) - they won't stop splitting. I've noticed the splitting occurs when I wash it (I'd get my ends professionally clipped, go through life living great, but after washing my hair my ends are terribly damaged), which causes me to cut my ends every time I wash - awful. I have considered the shampoos I use, going from all natural to sulfate-free to washing WITH conditioner but nothing has worked. I have considered that I do not deep condition "once a week" but I am just now going natural and I was not able to wet my hair once a week, as I would have to blow-dry then flat iron it once a week. Nonetheless, I do not have chemically treated hair, I do not flat iron or blow-dry excessively, all things people have asked me in the past when I present this problem. My sister believes I need to "seal in moisture," saying the ends of my hair are malnourished and need moisture.

Has anyone EVER had this problem before? I have yet to meet a single person in my entire life who has had this problem. Possible solutions? If it is that I need to seal in moisture, what things should I use? I wear my hair in twists or a twist-out now, but a dry twist out, if that changes what should be done.

Any help would be more than life-saving! Thanks!!