What are you thoughts on the characters and storyline?
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Ha honestly I'm just being obnoxious, I don't care for reality tv and I don't like typical female drama. I believe they are all scripted, not like that matters at all as far as entertainment purposes. The characters are okay..they do their part..I can see why people keep watching it. I saw nene once at an afterhours club with a bunch of boys and tried to talk to her (yes I was a bit drunk). She is exactly how her character is on tv, lol it was awesome!
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Does she look really big in person? Or just like a tall normal-sized woman?
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My sister saw her once at J.Crew...probably about two years ago. She said it's clear that she's already about 5'10"-5'11", and then she also had on about 6 inch heels.

She implied that she is pretty large...but not big and fat. Basically like how she looks on tv.
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