To get more curl in those front clumps that aren't curling well:

1.Multiple scrunches: scrunch these curls several times a few minutes apart til it's too dry to do it any more (a bit dryer than "towel dry".) Start this in the shower while very wet. When I do this, each set of scrunches is about 5 minutes after the last.
2.Twirl the curls around your finger and hold them for several seconds before letting them go.
3."Skip curl method": for a more detailed description, check out YouTube: twirl the curl from the end, then flip it like you were using it as a jump rope once or twice.
4. If all else fails, you can set them with your favorite rollers in a size near your actual curl size. I bought a bunch of Boba straws from eBay (1/2" diameter) for this.

You will want to try each of these methods a few times to see what works for you.
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