including HOME on the top menu bar would make it a little easier to get back to home.

what i would love to see is on the bottom of the pages in curltalk , a menu to navigate curltalk, instead of having to scroll back to the top. :-)
Originally Posted by rbb
There's a "forum jump" drop down menu at the bottom of each individual thread that lets you jump forums without going back to the top. Is that what you mean?
fine, thin, normal/(low?) porosity. Mod-CG. Usually I can't co-wash more than 1x a week, & sometimes I have to use T-Gel in rotation due to scalp issues.

Co-wash: VO5 Volumizing
Poo: Giovanni 50:50
RO:TN, Nexxus Youth Renewal, Alba Coconut
PT: gelatin PT, ION EC
Stylers: Giovanni mousse, TIGI Curls Rock amplifier (a-cone), Curls Rock Strong Hold Mousse
Gels: SCC spray gel