Ugh. I went to my "consultation" today which turned into the cut from he-ll. I talked about point cutting and dry cutting with her, and she then proceeded to take me to the sink and wash my hair and cut it wet in straight layers, but only after combing it, ruining my curl pattern. Then after her "tried-and-true" styling method failed, she frantically added anything she had on her shelf to try and rescue my hair. I left with a big frizzy mess and awful wedding cake layers--the shortest too short to put in a ponytail, which I explicitly told her to not cut it shorter than ponytail length. Bye bye all my hard work growing my hair out. To add insult to injury, she also felt it necessary to tell me that the way I take care of my hair (CG method) was "wrong" and tried to tell me that the products she was putting in my hair didn't have sulfates or cones. Today was a bad day.

Luckily my hair looks much better after fixing it myself, but the layers were way messed up... So after spending $50 on a haircut I took scissors to it myself. Obviously my hair is still recovering from being packed with sulfates and cones too, but that should get better soon.

My question for you gals is how should I get out the yuckies that she put in my hair? I shampooed it twice with baby shampoo, but will that get everything out?

Tell me it gets better.

ETA: I also found out today that the BRHG formula changed! I went to get more gel to fix my hair from the mess that it was in and noticed the bottle had changed. I compared it to the old formula and it's different. Anyone else noticed this? Is it still CG safe? Does it work as well? Hmph.
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