I have melasma...hyperpigmentation around my mouth and on my lower cheeks. Nothing else works besides hydroquinone 4%. I've tried all the lemon juice and vitamin C and acids and natural lighteners like kojic, etc. They just don't work. I've been using the HQ4% for several years, and haven't had any problems. I don't use it every day...more like every other day. If I stop, the pigmentation just comes back.

I think a lot of so-called natural companies really go overboard. HQ isn't poison. It's a medication and needs to be respected as such. One of the largest concernes is when HQ is combined with a steroid (which increases it's lightening ability), because steroids can cause serious thinning of the skin. I don't use a steroid with mine. Also, I take periodic vacations from HQ. I feel fine with the risks. Everyone should do their own research though. Read real medical studies (try pubmed.gov) instead of scary-crazy sites.