I have the medela electric double pump. I've never used any other brands so I can't really compare.

Pluses: The cone thingy that you use on your breast comes in a wide variety of sizes, so if you have very large breasts, the pump won't be irritating to use.

You can use the baggies or bottles. I use glass Gerber bottles.

It's pretty quick. I also have only 12 weeks of maternity leave so I spent lots of time pumping at work, it's not overly noisy and I was able to get the job done without much fuss.

Additional parts aren't super expensive.

Also, check to see if your insurance will cover a pump and what type they'll cover. That may influence your decision.

I think if I wasn't returning to work and I wasn't planning on breastfeeding 1+yrs I wouldn't invest in an dual electric pump and do something a bit cheaper.