Hey!! I've really been contemplating trying cg but tbh - I'm scared it'll all go topsy turvy.

One other thing is that I take a shower at night so I'm not sure if I could do it, as an outsider to this regimen it seems like the hair is kept wet - unless that's a silly statement.

I have 4bc hair. Could someone please in layman's terms explain how cg would work with type 4 hair.
I have a feeling I do something similar but instead of leaving my hair out in an fro I put it in twists, once it has air dried, I don't use gel. I've started finger detan. a few months back so that's not a problem.
I've seem that my hair can clump well, but that's due to looking after my hair really well for a year and a half now.

It would be nice to hydrate my hair well more than every 10 days (wash days), but from past experience washing my hair with no sulphate shampoo every week was too drying (so glad that ive never used a sulphate shampoo, that would have been disastrous) - obv dcing was helping with that but I studied my scalp and realised it starts to buildup by day 9 so I wash day ten.
Having said that I do wash my hair at night, I'm not those girls that suffer from mighty shrinkage, and when it does it doesn't tangle. My hair is fine and not the typical big afro. Two distinct textures -fine but coarse at the front with a slight z shaped curl, fine and more curly at the back.

I have hair creams/ leave ins which have helped keep my hair soft days at a time, sealing with castor/olive oil mix.

I guess theres nothing wrong in trying cg, but I want to SEE if it'll work well for type 4. Tbh it seems like a wng but then again I've never tried that (I've actually assumed that having this hair type you wouldnt retain much length with the hair constantly being out...pls educate me lol).

Can I do it at night too? I have hard water in my area too, would that have an affect?
Sorry this was a long response xx